The “C” word…

Theres a small list of bad c words, all a little nastier than the last but what about the c word many don’t think about at first..The “c” word is a disgusting, vicious word that I wish no one ever had to hear but sadly millions of people hear the word “cancer” daily. On TV, in the doctors office, people are constantly fighting against this word. It’s amazing how such a short word could cause such an intense feeling of hatred and grief to go through someone in a split second.

12.7 million, thats the number of lives changed, hearts broken and tears shed across the globe each year. 12.7 million is the number of people diagnosed annually with cancer.  You could look up an A-Z list and all except 4 letters will be covered with multiple types of cancer. I’m sure everyone I know has met at least one person who is currently struggling or has struggled to combat this disease. If you don’t know someone  we’ve all seen My Sisters Keeper or The Fault In Our Star, so we’ve gotten a sense for how heart breaking it can be. For me I have known multiple people who have been diagnosed, all family, all people I love, all people I don’t want to lose. Each time I was told the news it was the same, with the exception of initially being told the news it seemed as if everyone would avoid saying the word cancer, almost as if they said it they would also get cancer.

Most recently, I remember someone very dear to me being brought to this hospital with a few odd symptoms, pain, numbness in specific areas. It was sudden, unexpected and scary. This is the first time I had seen this person, who I care about and love so much, in such a vulnerable state. Their hair wasn’t done and makeup wasn’t on which was such a rare sight for me to see and they looked so distraught. I spent that whole night googling their symptoms, each time altering my choice of words or word placement to see if a different response would come up, each time it was the same. Multiple Myeloma, one of those cancers you don’t really hear about often, but just because I had never heard of it did not make it any less real.

Multiple Myeloma is a blood cancer that develops in the plasma cells found inside bone marrow. It is one of the rarer cancers affecting typically less than 200,000 people a year and usually affects older individuals. To learn more please visit

It’s a scary thought to think someone you love is being faced with such a hard diagnosis but the truth is no one knows what the future may hold. No one truly knows what will happen a few months from now, let alone a few minutes from now. Although scary seeing my loved  one fight such a though battle has really helped me appreciate the little things and live for the here and now. Enjoy watching a tv show with the people you love, enjoy that after a gross winter the sun is shining and birds are singing. There are so many things to be thankful for and too often the harshness of this life drowns out the good things. My prayer for you is that no matter what you or someone you love may be faced with, I hope you find one genuine reason to smile and be thankful today, and if you can’t then put it in Gods hands and let him have full control.

If you feel called to give to multiple myeloma research please follow this link and donate to a cause. 12.7 millions is far too high and I pray we can bring that number down.


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