New Beginnings

Y’all tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life, and I’m ready to conquer the world. Okay..maybe that is just a tad bit over dramatic but in all seriousness thing are are starting to fall into place and I’ve never been more proud of where I am at. I’ve recently accepted a job at Keller Williams Metropolitan as an executive assistant, this means I’m now working in an office, I have my own desk and best of all I’ll be working in an environment where my makeup won’t melt off my face.

I began my journey to becoming a real estate agent last April, I was lazy and things spiraled down and I never passed my test. I really believe that this new job is going to help get my in the proper state of mind to pass my exam and get my license. Once I have my license I will continue working for Keller Williams I will just bump up to “Real Estate Sales Agent” rather than executive assistant. I’m excited to see what happens over these next few months, how much I grow and what doors open along the way.

Until next time! -Meg

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