101 in 1001 Update

I have sorely neglected my blog over the past couple months. Life has been hectic lately, in a good way,  but still rather than finding time to blog i’ve been finding excuses to not blog. ( Or workout, or eat healthy or wakeup on time for that matter )

I’m finally getting back to a balance and wanted to share my progress with 101 in 1001. I began my list on May 3rd of this year and have accomplished 6 and a half goals, and one goal has been permanently crossed off my list. 5 of these changes came since my last update.

Under my spiritual category I accomplished 1.5 tasks.

  • I joined a ministry, I now run a bi-weekly young women’s group at my church. I do want to do more, maybe join the children ministry or do more with the outreach, however this goal was written with my young women’s group in mind. Originally it was a dream and now it is a reality., there fore I crossed it off


  • I am going on my 3rd missions trip, this is my half accomplishment as the trip will not happen until August of 2018. This trip will take me to Rwanda using locally sourced resources to help local villages sustain themselves.

Previously I’ve traveled to the Dominican Republic twice with my church on missions trips. Once in 2014 and Once in 2016. In 2016 I was able to meet my sponsor children Rosanny and Joel.

  • Unfortunately one of my items has been highlighted in green. The goal was to visit a  certain family member, who lived in a local nursing home, more often. Sadly he passed on just a few months ago and this goal is no longer possible. I hope to replace it with a similar goal but for now it will remain in green.

I accomplished 2 more goals under “other” on my list. 1. Strawberry picking and 2. Moving into my own place. Both of these happened this summer and they both made my heart full.

  • Strawberry picking, although silly I wanted it on my list since i’ve never been. One sunny Saturday morning Anthony’s mother and I set out to a local farm and picked strawberries for a good couple hours. I didn’t do anything special with them but I enjoyed the day. Next year I will have recipes and a plan!
  • Last but not least, I moved into my own place. This was a big goal on my list and I am pleased to have been able to cross it off. I knew before I graduated high school that I wanted to be moved out as early as I could but I also knew Anthony and I didn’t want to live together until marriage. This meant I could have a roommate or do it alone, I chose early on to do it alone. I had looked at places but didn’t want to sign a lease until I had begun my career. In July, after starting my career at Keller Williams but before getting my Real Estate license a great opportunity and I am proud to say on July 15th I moved into my own apartment, all by my self! I’ve enjoyed making each nook my own and I’m excited to share more about that.



What goals have you recently accomplished?..What goals do you hope to accomplish before the end of the year? I’d love to hear about them! 

-Meg Christine

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