November 2017

October brought many learning opportunities which lead to growth. A deeper relationship with Christ and many mini adventures around New Hampshire.

This month I placed two clients under agreement on new houses, I took a weekend staycation up in the lakes region, complete with a corn maze and a delicious steak dinner made better with farm fresh veggies. This time away allowed Antony and I to recenter ourselves. Him and I are both in new jobs, he began his in May and myself in June. We now work complete opposite schedules which has allowed for personal growth but ultimately we only get about 1 day a week together. This weekend get away was such a treat and i’m thankful that we got to escape if only for a little while.


I love Halloween but I’ve been excited for Thanksgiving since September. November brings holiday festivity, my first ( and second ) closings at work, and extra family time. This blog post was heavily inspired by Michael Buble’s Christ Album- click here to listen. I look forward to scouring the impulse buy section at Target, I was there Sunday with Anthony and I already found a half dozen holiday items I want. I also look forward to stringing Christmas lights and putting up my mini Christmas tree, I don’t do this until after Thanksgiving but I don’t there’s such thing as “too early”.  I’m feeling extra motivated today and I hope this motivation translates into completing my November Goals successfully.

  • Successfully close my first two official deals at work.
  • Host a “friendsgiving” with Anthony
  • Being and complete the reboot your health program
  • Order and mail out our Christmas cards. 
    • We will be getting our Christmas cards custom ordered from the cutest online shop- you can check them out here.
  • Blog at least twice weekly
  • Put up my Christmas tree ( After Thanksgiving)

I look forward to crossing these items off my list!- What do you have planned for November?


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