25 Things that Make me Happy!

*Cue Julie Andrews, My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music*

While perusing pinterest this morning I stumbled upon a Tag! 50 Things that make me happy..read the original post here.  I decided to shorten it a bit down to 25 and this blog post came to me at the right time, because my mood is rather reflective of the weather lately and its been gray and gloomy outside. I often find that thinking/talking about/doing things that make me happy will help give my mood a boost.


So without further ado here are 25 things that make me happy.

  1. Sunsets- How cliche, but they allow me to relish in the moment and remove myself from the craziness of every day life. ( Anthony and I used to watch the sunset all the time )
  2. Fresh Linen Candles from Yankee Candle. This is the smell of my childhood, always burning in my parents house when I was younger
  3. My church and the community that comes with it
  4. Thrifting. My grandmother and I used to spend hours in thrift shops together.
  5. Crafting. Anything, anywhere.
  6. Traveling.
  7. Say Yes to the Dress, all of them!
  8. Spending time with my sisters
  9. The way freshly fallen show looks on bare trees
  10. Lemonade. Specifically from Panera and Chick-Fil-A, it reminds me of a warm sunny day
  11. Dancing. I’m not good at it but I like letting go and busting a move with my little sister or dancing slowly in Anthonys arms.
  12. Driving down long winding roads, with the windows open and good music playing.
  13. Any Disney Channel original show/movie…especially the Lizzie McGuire movie. I’ll still watch all those shows to this day with no shame
  14. Cleaning
  15. Mac and Cheese pizza
  16. A Walk to Remember, Steel Magnolias, The Sound of Music and The Wizard of OZ. Hands down my favorite movies.
  17. Fresh Flowers
  18. The smells of fresh cut grass
  19. The sound of leaves crunching under my shoes
  20. Office Supplies! ALL OF THEM
  21. ANYTHING Kate Spade!
  22. Old Trucks. I hope to purchase an old 1950’s Chevy pick up and restore it with Anthony
  23. Shake Shack.
  24. New York City. I used to aspire to be Carrie Bradshaw, slightly more modest of course. I visited the city a few times in high school and it will always have my heart.
  25. My family. This one is a given for most people but I have a HUGE family and even after 21 years I am always meeting new people and learning something new about my family and it’s history. I’ve also always felt special because I grew up with 6 grandparents, both of my Grandfathers were divorced and remarried before I was born so I never knew any different. IMG_0082

What are some things that make you happiest? Share in the comments!

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