5 on Friday 1.26.2018

I have been a long time admirer of reading other bloggers 5 on Friday, originally seen on Smidge of This. After a conversation with my good friend Xia, I decided that writing down my daily highs and lows would be a good idea, and it’s also on my 101 in 1001  list so holla! 2 birds with 1 stone, sounds good to me. I decided to take my highs and lows a step further and jump on the band wagon and begin putting my top 5 weekly highs in writing.



My blog stats- for those who don’t know I have been casually blogging for a few years, but decided late in 2017 I would delete all my older content and being posting intentionally. I wrote my first blog post of 2018 on January 8th..since then my stats have far surpassed my total stats for all of 2017. I’m absolutely blown away by this, so far in 2018 I have over 200 views and has less than 160 in all of 2017. I’m absolutely elated over this!



I purchased my tickets to go to Anaheim, California this week! I will be going to Anaheim for a work conference, called Family Reunion. This is exciting for many reason! I have never been to California before, I have never been on any sort of work trip and I have never gone to Disney before! Anthony and I are going in March of 2019 to Disney Land but I will be able to view a tiny slice of the happiest place on earth next month when I visit the state.




I GOT MY FIRST LISTING!!! If you don’t already know, my 9-5 is as a Licensed REALTOR in Southern NH. I got my license in August of 2017 and have been working with buyers, I have had 4 closings so far and recently had a friend reach out to me to sell their condo! I’m no excited and spent Wednesday taking photos to begin marketing the home.


Number 4 has no accompanying photo, and for good reason. I’ve spent a couple nights this week making home cooke meals! I’m usually busy and tired when I get home and turn to fast and easy meals versus healthy meals. I played around with various cooking techniques, and flavors and made a killer barbecue rubbed chicken with home fries and fresh garlic green beans. It tasted much better than it actually looked. Hopefully as my cooking skills improve so will my plating skills so I can post some nice photos.


I have this good friend, she moved to Florida last year and we have not kept on contact as much as I would hope we’ve kept in contact but it has been really random..but this week we both had time and have been texting NON-STOP. It’s nice to talk to her again and feel like I am apart of her daily adventures even though she’s states away. When se was here we were together multiple times a week! I hope that I can go visit her sometime with-in the next year. Reconnecting with her has for sure been one of the best parts of this week.


fof 5

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