Spring ’18 Bucket List


Happy Spring!

Todays post comes heavily inspired by Stephanie over at StephSeekingJoy.com. Stephanie is a wedding designer/ coordinator who runs a fabulous blog and has an adorable instagram feed. Stephanie has been writing seasonal to do lists for years now and I really drew inspiration from her most recent post Spring 2018 to do list. Although I do try and write monthly goals, I love her idea of creating a seasonal to do list versus a monthly list, so I decided to share my list below!

  • Go on 3 hikes this spring
  •  Visit the gym 20 times each month ( or I am cancelling my membership )

I figure I pay $20 a month so the least I can do is go once for every dollar I am spending.

  •   Have dinner with Heather & Lee.

Heather and her husband Lee have been great Godly role models to me over the past few years. I originally met them while attending a youth group at my old church and we’ve kept in contact ever since. We get together once every few months and we are over due for a dinner date.

  • Complete fundraising for my Missions Trip to Rwanda this summer. With online and personal donations I have about 2/3 left to go!
  • Celebrate the beautiful life of my Grandmother on the 1 year anniversary of her passing, and her 66th birthday this Saturday. Her favorite place was Hawaii so last March, when we came to the realization that it would be her last birthday here on Earth with us, my mother and I were able to throw her a Hawaiian themed birthday, complete with a volcano cake!

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 4.12.26 PM

  • Send snail mail each month- I have been doing this in my business but want to incorporate it into my personal life as well- nothing better than getting a hand written note
  • Bring my Mother to Easter at the arena!

Each year my church hosts easter at a local arena and invites the whole public, this will be my mothers first year attending Easter with Anthony and I, as well as my first year volunteering.


I am so excited for the season of growth! I cannot wait to begin adventuring once the snow has completely melted..what are you looking forward to this spring?

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