Welcome! My name is Meg, I live in New Hampshire, where i’ve resided for the past 21 years. I am a Realtor in Southern NH and i’m loving every minute of it. I’m excited to have started my career at 20 years old but I also long for more and hope to one day be a missionary, traveling abroad for long term mission trips.

To date i’ve gone on 2 short term mission trips, which allowed me to meet my sponsor children. I am also planning on my third trip with my church. I will be traveling to Rwanda for 10 days in August of 2018, and I can barely contain my excitement.

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I’ve recently moved out on my own and look forward to sharing more about how i’m making this new space my own. I have also been dating my fantastic boyfriend Anthony since May of 2015. He and I are consistently working towards strengthening our personal relationships with God as well making sure he’s the center of our relationship. This is a goal we’ve discussed and want to make happen before we decide to take the next step.



I hope to use this platform as a way to share my goals and aspirations, to document my life at its current stage and to hopefully find more individuals who share similar interested.

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